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Copyright © 2018 Arizn (PTY) Ltd. Reg. No. : 2013/225217/07. All rights reserved



is a tokenised crowd funding platform
Blockchain based smart-contracts that tokenise the crowdfunding process, creating a highly liquid secondary market.

is allocating 108million token (an equivalent of more than $2m at ICO price) for this bounty which is divided into:


Spread and share your thoughts about our project with the help of blog content. Upload it on free/premium platform and share about our project and get Tokens as a reward.

Payment Structure: All blogs content will be divided into 3 different categories, and will be rewarded as follows:

Normal Quality = 500 Stakes
High Quality = 1000 Stakes
Exceptional Quality = 2000 Stakes

At the end of the campaign, you will get Additional Stake for:
50+     Followers  = + 10% of stake
250+   Followers  = + 25% of stake
500+   Followers  = + 50% of stake
1000+ Followers  = + 75% of stake
5000+ Followers  = +100% of stake
10+   Upvotes    = + 10% of stake
25+   Upvotes    = + 25% of stake
50+   Upvotes    = + 50% of stake
100+ Upvotes    = + 75% of stake
300+ Upvotes    = +100% of stake
10+   Upvotes  = +10 % of stake
25+   Upvotes  = +25 % of stake
50+   Upvotes  = +50 % of stake
100+ Upvotes  = +75 % of stake
300+ Upvotes  = +100% of stake
Other websites (personal/free sites)
Blog article more than 1000 views = +25% of stakes

Fill up the form to Join :

  • Anyone can participate, just create and publish about .
  • Channels and topic where you post must be strictly related to cryptocurrencies such as ICOs, or blockchain to be eligible for the reward.
  • Posts and articles must be unique and in English and if done in local language it should be translated into English at the bottom of the article(characters in translation is not counted).
  • New websites or websites with no audience are not allowed.
  • The posts and articles published must contain a minimum of 500 words, the logo, link of Telegram, official Site, Bitcointalk Ann and bounty thread. and your Bitcointalk Username and profile
  • Make sure you have the full understanding of the project by reading the Whitepaper first.
  • We reserve the right to consider any article not eligible, without giving a reason.

Spread and share your thoughts about our project with the help of video content. Upload it on youtube platform and share about our project and get Tokens as a reward.

Youtube Video Rewards:

Normal Quality: 1000 Stakes;
High Quality: 2000 Stakes;
Exceptional Quality: 4000 Stakes

At the end of the campaign if Video gathers :

5k+ views = +100% of stake
25k+ views = +500% of stake
50k+ views = +1,000% of stake
100k+ views = +2,000% of stake
500k+ views = +5,000% of stake
1m+ views = +10,000% of stake

Fill up the form to join :

Terms and Condition:
  • Minimum 50 Subscriber is needed to join our campaign
  • Subscriber must be public
  • Video minimum length of 2 minutes
  • You must have at least 20 views before being accepted
  • Your title must include the word
  • Video quality should be at least 720p
  • Video voice must be in English if the voice is in the local language, English subtitle is a must
  • Participants should add Website, Bitcointalk thread, Facebook, Twitter link in the video description
  • Add your Bitcointalk username and Profile at the end of the video

Note: low quality video will be rejected regardless of views and followers

Get token as a reward by translating Projectís Whitepaper,
Announcement Thread and Moderating and Managing the local thread. Keeping that active by posting regular updates, news announcements from official thread, Facebook,
Twitter and official article.

Budget: xx%
Payment Structure

Whitepaper: 1000 Stakes
ANN thread+Bounty Thread: 200 Stakes
Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post.
Link to ANN Thread(Bitcointalk):

Reserved Languages :

Filipino - Both
Indonesian - Both
Hebrew - WP
Greek - Both

You need to reserve your translation by filling this form

Accepted users will get a PM  approving their request for translating.

Translation Terms and Conditions

1: Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google Translator or any other are not allowed. If anyone is found using the translator, then he/she will be blacklisted.
2: ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well (we have additional rewards for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
3: We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
4: Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed. If found, the user will be ineligible for pay
 and no pay will be issued at the end of the campaign.
5: Newbies i.e. users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted. Always ask before beginning translation and post your previous translation work.
6: We are not responsible to pay or accept any kind of translations if done without reserved approval. First, get approval for your reservation then start the translation.
5: Manager and Owners reserve the rights to add rules, or do any kind of reasonable changes. (including payment structure and payment amount)
7: Thread Moderator should know about the project very well and should be able to answer questions and explain things to the users having any queries or to someone willing
to know the project more and know it better.


Post about   project on facebook, like and share about official fb
announcement and promote us.
Help us in reaching out the mass and get your reward in Tokens

How to Join
(a) Follow the Official Facebook Handle:
(b) Fill this form:


Terms and Rules

1: Minimum Friend count for Facebook is 500 
2: Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted and will be ineligible for payout if is found in the middle of the campaign.
3: You must be an active and regular Facebook user, and must be liking and sharing official FB posts and updates
4: Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5: Owners and Manager reserves the right to change terms or apply new term and rules or does any reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount).

Tweet about   project, retweet our tweets and share about and promote us.
Help us in reaching out the mass and get your reward in UTrust Tokens

How to Join
(A)For Twitter:
(a) Follow the Official Twitter Handle:
(b) Fill this form:

Terms and Rules

1: Minimum follower count for Twitter is 200 followers
2: Twitter accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted and will be ineligible for payout if is found in the middle of the campaign.
3: You must be an active and regular Twitter/Facebook user, and must be Retweeting official tweets and updates
4: Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5: Owners and Manager reserves the right to change terms or apply new term and rules or do any reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount).

Help us promote the project in the forum by adding our Signature and Avatar in your profile, and earn Tokens as a reward for participating in the signature campaign.
Post like you normally do on forum wearing our signature and avatar.
Budget:   xx%   
Payment Structure:
Payment will be based on weekly stakes:
Jr Member : 5
Member: 15 Stakes/Week
Full Member: 30 Stakes/Week
Sr Member: 50 Stakes/Week
Hero : 75 Stakes/Week
Legendary: 100 Stakes/Week

Rules of Signature Campaign

Keep the signature until the end of the Campaign. Removing signature in the middle of the campaign will disqualify you from the eligible list of participants.
You must make 10 Posts weekly to get a stake.
Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low-quality posts, copy-paste and off-topic posts will not be counted.
Post on Bounty Threads, Games and Rounds
Eligible posts must be 75 Character Long. Posts shorter than 75 Character will not be counted.
Payment will be done once at the End of the token sale.
Keep your signature till spreadsheet updated with your final post count (allow at least one week to count posts) Removing signature before post count will simply disqualify you.
Newbies are not allowed to Join.
Managers and Owners reserve the rights to apply new rules. change any existing rule or do any other reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount)
Case Reward:

The campaign accept Red trusted members but with a penalty of -50% reward and preferred a green trust member with a bonus of+100% reward.

How to Join

Add Signature and Avatars(Full Members and up only) according to your Profile rank and fill the form below:


Philippines / Steps sa pagkuha ng screenshot sa PC desktop
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:24:53 PM »
Karamihan sa atin ay nasanay na sa pagcapture ng screen sa mobile phone ngunit nahihirapan tyong kumuha ng screenshot sa ating PC desktop.  Narito ang paraan kung paano magscreenshot ng ating PC screen at pag save nito bilang file:

1.  Sa pagcapture o pagkuha ng screenshot sa pc desktop hanapin lamang ang sa inyong keyboard.
2.  Ipress ang para macapture ang inyong monitor.
3.  Buksan ang photo editor o kaya ay paint application.
4.  Pagbukas ng application ipress ang + .
5.  Malalagay ang inyong captured screen sa photo editor at isave ito.
6.  Sa pagsave ng captured picture, ipress lamang ang File at piliin ang save na makikita sa larawan sa baba

7.  Ilagay ang nais nyong pangalan at iclick ang save.

Yan ang mga hakbang sa pagkuha ng screenshot o pagcapture ng pc desktop screen.

Philippines / Steps sa pagdagdag ng miyembro sa Telegram
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:02:17 PM »
Narito ang mga hakbangin para sa pagdaragdag ng miyembro sa isang grupo ng telegram.

1.  Sumali sa grupo na nais ninyong pasukin.

2.  Pagkasali nyo ay makakapasok na kayo sa grupo ng Smart City Eco ICO

3. Kapag nakapasok na kayo at gusto nyong magdagdag ng mga miyembro gawin lamang ang nasa litrato sa baba:

Para sa PC platform:

Para sa mobile phone platform:

4.  Pagkaclick or pagtap nyo sa add members, ilagay lamang ang telegram username ng gusto nyong idagdag sa grupo.

Para sa PC desktop platform:

Para sa mobile phone platform

Ayan ang mga hakbang para makapagdagdag ng miyembro sa Telegram. 

Paalala:  Ang sobrang pagdagdag ng myembro sa grupo ng telegram ay maaring maging dahilan ng inyong pagkaban.  Kaya para sa mas ligtas na pamamaraan, maari lamang tyong magdagdag ng 20-35 member kada araw sa isang telegram account.

Philippines / Steps para sa paggawa ng Spreadsheet
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:15:30 PM »
Hi, marahil ay marami ng nakakaalam ng paggawa ng online spreadsheet(google sheet) subalit alam kong may mangilan-ngilan na walang ideya kung paano gawin ito.  Kaya para sa mga napapaisip kung paano gumawa ng online spreadsheet, narito ang mga hakbang kung paano ang paggawa nito.

1.  Pumunta lamang sa (o iclick ang link).

Pagkapunta nyo ay makikita ninyo ang ganito:

2.  Pagkatapos ay iclick ang + na makikita sa screen tulad nito

3.  Pagkaclick nyo ay lalabas ang spreadsheet na pwede nyong iedit at paglagyan ng kung anong gusto nyong detalye.

3.  Maari nyong bigyan ng pangalan ang inyong google sheet sa pamamagitan ng pagedit ng pangalan ng sheet na makikita sa kaliwang taas ng screen tulad nito:

4.  Ibahagi ang iyong mga ginawa sa pamamagitan ng pagclick ng share at pagclick ng get shareable link

5.  Pagkatapos iclick ay may lalabas na link na siyang magbibigay ng view access sa may link nito.

Yan ang mga hakbang upang gumawa ng sarili ninyong Google Spreadsheet.  Nawa ito ay nakatulong sa inyo.  Maraming salamat at Gob Bless Us all!!!

The CW Market / Smart City ECO Airdrop posting/share/retweet campaign
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:30:31 AM »
Smart City Eco would like to announce their Airdrop campaign where participants will have a share on the reward for every successful participant that joins their airdrop.  The purpose of this campaign is to spread the news about Smart City Airdrop and to cater interested parties to join their airdrop.

For Facebook users, like and share this link : to every page or group (public group or private group)

For Twitter users, follow and retweet

Each task done should be reported on the  If you do not have an account yet you can send an email to

You can see the status of the number of participants here:

You can also post the quoted part to every forum you know


Title: Smart City Eco Airdrop

Get 500 SCE by simply doing the following tasks.

*Liking their official facebook page:

*Following their official twitter account:

*Join their official telegram channel:

After doing the said task Fill up the form:

All successful participants will receive 500 SCE (5$) which will be delivered to their provided address after the finish of ICO 04.08.2018. up to 15 days later will be payout period.

To learn how to create a wave wallet, you can visit this blog:

The reward will be calculated according to your stake over the total stake times the reward collected on every qualified participant the campaign had produced.  The reward per qualified participant is $0.50 so if we gather around 50k participants that is a whopping 25,000 dollar to be shared with this campaign's participants.

Stake breakdown
Facebook share = 1 stake
Twitter retweet = 1 stake
Post on another forum =  2 stakes

History Bits / Re: Trivia and Fun Facts!
« on: April 29, 2018, 11:19:28 AM »
Did you know that you can learn more about Bitcoin on Bitcoin.Org.

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