Author Topic: Smart City ECO Airdrop posting/share/retweet campaign  (Read 134 times)


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Smart City ECO Airdrop posting/share/retweet campaign
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:30:31 AM »
Smart City Eco would like to announce their Airdrop campaign where participants will have a share on the reward for every successful participant that joins their airdrop.  The purpose of this campaign is to spread the news about Smart City Airdrop and to cater interested parties to join their airdrop.

For Facebook users, like and share this link : to every page or group (public group or private group)

For Twitter users, follow and retweet

Each task done should be reported on the  If you do not have an account yet you can send an email to

You can see the status of the number of participants here:

You can also post the quoted part to every forum you know


Title: Smart City Eco Airdrop

Get 500 SCE by simply doing the following tasks.

*Liking their official facebook page:

*Following their official twitter account:

*Join their official telegram channel:

After doing the said task Fill up the form:

All successful participants will receive 500 SCE (5$) which will be delivered to their provided address after the finish of ICO 04.08.2018. up to 15 days later will be payout period.

To learn how to create a wave wallet, you can visit this blog:

The reward will be calculated according to your stake over the total stake times the reward collected on every qualified participant the campaign had produced.  The reward per qualified participant is $0.50 so if we gather around 50k participants that is a whopping 25,000 dollar to be shared with this campaign's participants.

Stake breakdown
Facebook share = 1 stake
Twitter retweet = 1 stake
Post on another forum =  2 stakes
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